Focused, Engaging, and Motivational Online Learning

Hi! I'm Rachel Schell, the online learning expert...

...and I want to help you create focused, engaging, and motivational online learning.

Since 2008, I've worked with organizations to create online training that transforms learners. It all began as I was researching online learning as part of my first Master's degree at UCA. That's when I became hooked on understanding how people learn online. This led me to a second Master's in Instructional Design and Technology from SNHU.

I continued to research how students learn online as an instructor at UACCM and UCA. I moved into a position funded by the Arkansas Department of Education to teach and coach educators in online learning. As I worked with educators, I found certain practices began to emerge. I refined these practices into what I now call the Learner Focused Framework. My research is in use by organizations implementing online learning, including the Co-Active Training Institute and Anchored Training. I have been a featured online teacher educator for EDCCELERATE since 2020. I continue to speak and lead trainings/workshops around creating transformative online learning.

Anyone can engage with online content, but the secret to learning is when a student takes action. Let me be your guide as you focus your content, engage learners, and motivate them to take action.

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