Discover a process to create focused, engaging, and motivational learning.

Hi learning leader...

Do you dread when it’s time to start a new L&D project?

  • Do your L&D projects feel chaotic?

  • Are your projects never done on time?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure out what needs to be done?

  • Do your projects go over budget?

  • Does your team feel all over the place?

  • Do you need a vacation at the end of each project because you are burned out?

Yeah, as a leader I used to struggle with this too.

That is until I figured out what my learning and design strategy was missing: a process.
That's when I created the Learner Focused Framework.
A repeatable process for you and your L&D team to follow each time so that your projects come in under budget and on time.

The Learner Focused Framework:

A process for learning & design professionals to create and deliver training on time and under budget.

As part of this training, you and your team will learn how to identify your learner and determine what they need to successfully solve their problem. Discover the processes and templates to create engaging L&D, consistently. Finally, discover the strategies and tools that you can implement to help learners be successful. Training is available for individuals and teams, virtually and in-person.

How do I begin?

  1. Schedule a time to meet and discuss your training needs.

  2. Create a repeatable process for your L&D projects.

  3. Deliver your L&D projects on time and under budget each time.

The Learner Focused Framework
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You will accomplish the following in this training:

  • Pre-Work Assignment (to prepare for training)

  • Focus Your Learning:

    • Identify your learner

    • Determine the problem that needs to be solved

    • Outline your training

    • Gain buy-in for training

  • Create Engaging Content

    • Determine the type of content needed

    • Utilize templates to create content

    • Explore tools for content creation

  • Motivate Learners to Take Action

    • Create a communication plan

    • Decide on the learning platform

    • Plan the learning community

    • Plan a successful user testing experience

  • Strategies and Next Steps

    • Create a plan of action

    • Opportunity to work on training with the support of the instructor and peers

  • Post-Work Assignment (Optional)

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