How to Work With Me

At RAS Personalized Solutions our 3-step process will take you from an idea to the launch of your online course, group coaching program, or membership site.

Planning Program

First, we begin with a plan…

Planning is everything! That's why we have put together a step-by-step process to guide you from an idea to writing your course.

Course Creation Academy

We will help you strategically plan your course, identify your ideal audience, setgoals, price your course, create your outline, and write the content. You maysign up for consulting or join our group coaching program to help you begin.

Please note: All 'Consulting' and 'Online Course + Group Coaching' clients must begin with the Course Creation Academy.

Package and pricing information can be found at here.

Design Program

Second, we design content that works for your course…

Once your course (or program) is written, we turn your plan into amazing content. Together, we determine what type of content you should create and how to manage the content creation process.

Content Creation Academy

We will offer multiple solutions to create content, including: consulting, online course + group coaching, or we provide 'done for you' course creation. Our approach is flexible and additional services are available to help you design and develop your course content.

Package and pricing information can be found at here.

Launch Program

Finally, we launch your course…and watch your business grow!

The final step in our process is to set up your course or coaching program as a scalable system.

Course Launch Academy

The final step in our process is to set up your course in your own learning management system. We guide you through set up, piloting your course, and launching - so you aren't doing this alone! Consulting packages or an online course + group coaching program is available. You may request additional services to help you launch your course.

Package and pricing information can be found at here.

Want to learn more about our 3-step approach to course design? In this video we look at the 3-step approach I use to build online courses and programs that fit in your coaching business.

Creating an online course that grows your business doesn't have to be complicated.

So take a moment to learn more about the process we use to keep you from spending time and money on creating a course or program that no one signs up for.

Ready to Begin?

Step 1:

Schedule a Call

Is your coaching business ready for an online course?

Complete the form to schedule a free discovery call.

Step 2:

Receive an Action Plan

After your discovery call, you will receive a plan of action.

A custom plan is provided to guide you to the next step.

Step 3:

Create Your Course

Plan, create, and launch your successful online course or group coaching program...

...and watch you business grow.