Focused, Engaging, and Motivational Online Learning

Are you looking to inspire your team? Need a few quick wins with your online training?

If you are looking for a fun, energetic, and action-packed hour - then book a speaking session with Rachel Schell!

Speaking sessions are 1-hour presentations where I...

  • Connect with your team

  • Make them think

  • Show them what is possible

  • Motivate them to take action

How do I do it?

I practice what I preach! My presentations follow the Learner Focused Framework, which means:

  • They focus on a single topic

  • Incorporate engaging activities, storytelling, and materials

  • Provide a plan of action

Am I right for your team or organization?

My presentations focus on online learning and training. Specifically, creating content that focuses on the learner and creating transformational learning. My presentations tend to focus on 3 areas:

  1. Creating focused, engaging, and motivating online learning content.

  2. Finding the right method and platform to present your learning content.

  3. Connecting with your community, which includes educating stakeholders. This may include families, executives, other organizations, other educational programs, etc.

If this sounds like what you are looking for in a presenter, then let's talk!

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My 3 most popular presentations:

What Has Social Media Taught Us About Learning?
How Can This Help Me?

3 Ways to Transform Your Online Learning:
Tips to Motivate Learners to Take Action!

Make Real Connections Online:
The Free Resource You Should Be Using Immediately to Engage Your Community

Interested in one of the topics listed here? Let me know you want to book one of these presentations!

You can contact me directly by completing the form here.