Rachel Schell,
Online Learning

Focused, Engaging, and Motivational Online Learning

Online learning expert, Rachel Schell, will show you and your team how to
focus your content, engage learners, and motivate them to take action.

The Secret to Creating Online Content Your Learners Want

The Learner Focused Framework
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Questions I'm usually asked...

  • Why isn't our online learning working?

  • How do we get people to finish the online training?

  • Why isn't anyone interested in my free educational content?

  • Why should I focus my content...and where do I start?

  • How do I create engaging training materials ?

  • What are some ways to motivate learners to take action?

Anyone can watch a video or slides. Successful online learning happens when learners change their thoughts and actions.

I help you create successful online learning when:
I show you how to focus your content.
I guide you in creating engaging learning.
We brainstorm strategies to motivate learners to take action.

Work with Rachel

01 Speaking
Looking for inspiration? Rachel draws on 12+ years as an educator, speaker, and facilitator to motivate and provide your team with quick wins so you can implement new ideas immediately.

02 Training
We offer workshops and training programs for you and your team. Each training takes a deeper dive into the tools used to create focused content, develop engaging materials, and strategies to motivate learners.

03 Strategy Sessions
Not sure where to start? We offer strategy sessions to analyze current learning, develop a plan for new learning, evaluate learning tools and platforms, and gain buy-in for your learning plan.

04 Tips, Tricks & Ideas
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